treP restaurant sofiaOn 20th of October at Business Park, Building 10 will take place the opening of the newest pizza, pasta and pastry place in Sofia. TreP will follow an entirely new concept that will combine pasta and pizza making in the moment on self-service. The fresh pasta will be ready in about three minutes. The pizza can be garnished in three or four different ways baked in Italian furnace – it will take only four minutes for preparation. On the other side of the restaurant there will be a coffee shop, where a variety of desserts and drinks will be offered. Also there will be opened a smoothie bar and depending on the seasonal fruits the customers will have various options. With soy, rice or almond milk, fruits and nuts you can prepare a healthy breakfast, called smoothie ball.
Responsible for the taste will be Chef Adrian Panteleev, pizza master and pizza instructor. At the age of 19 he worked as dishwasher and kitchen helper in Italy. Since 2003 he has focused on pizza making and this is how he started his career to become a successful pizza master with many prizes from international competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. He is the “Best pizza master in Bulgaria for 2012”. A few days before the opening of TreP our team spoke with Adrian Panteleev and here is what he has shared with us.
What should we expect from you at TreP?
- In TreP we will use an entirely new technology that is well-known in Italy, while in for Bulgaria it’s completely new. This technology is time-consuming to perform. We will make Pizza alla Romana or Pizza Al Metro. Pizza by meter – the standard is that it’s different in length and it’s not the typical classic round pizza. We will offer it sliced. The dough is very high hydrated, which is airy, crunchy, slightly thick, but it is quite interesting as a new concept for Bulgaria. The technology is a little more difficult to work with, but it is easier for the human body and it is perceived much better.
Adrian Panteleev is a founder of the first Bulgarian pizza school, which will teach the new generation to master their technique in pizza making.
What inspires you?
- Definitely there is a challenge to succeed. I am inspired to offer to the customers a new product for Bulgaria. In TreP School we will help the people to understand that there is a different interesting product even healthier. The technology is the basis of everything - how it is made is one thing, how long is has fermented and soured is also very important. This is the way to show the business in Bulgaria the know-how of offering healthier food.
Will you share three important steps or secrets while you are making a pizza?
- First, the products are the most important part for a successful recipe for pizza. It is also important to know what are you doing and what do you want to do exactly. Then you have to do it with pleasure. The final product will only be perfect if you follow those steps. I want to invite everybody to opening where they will have the opportunity to taste the product. I am sure that TreP will soon become the new gathering place for every citizen of Sofia.

Business Park Sofia Building 10
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Monday - Friday : 08:00 – 22:00
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 -22:00
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