AquaeCalidaeAquae Calidae is an ancient city on the territory of Burgas. According to historical data, the first Roman Bath here was built during the rule of Emperor Trayan in 2nd century. The SPA baths were visited by many of the great rulers, among which the Bulgarian Khan Tervel and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The digs at Aquae Calidae in the last few years brought us interesting findings – the city wall and its north gate. A unique for its time heating system was also found with special clay pipes. As of today, the Turkish bath (hamam) dating back to Suleiman’s rule is entirely restored – faced with marble and ceramics, typical for the Orient. Nowadays it is an interesting museum.
The archaeological excavations continue nowadays and different findings reveal the history of the Mineral spring through the centuries.

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Photos provided by Burgas Municipality