Aviantion pldwas established in 1991, and since 2005 it is a branch of the National Museum of Military History. In the museum’s inventory there are more than 5000 items, among which are 70 aircraft and helicopters of military, transport, agricultural and sports aviation. The museum` s collections represent aviation equipment and aircraft armament, photos and documents, uniforms, decorations, flags, models.

The history of Bulgarian aviation from its beginning in 1892 to the present day is presented in the museum indoor exposition. The exhibition includes events such as the participation of Bulgarian aviation in the wars for national liberation and unification and the heroic defense of the Bulgarian air space in the Second World War. The visitors will become familiar with our country`s contribution to the development of a space program “Intercosmos” and flights of Bulgarian cosmonauts Georgi Ivanov and Alexander Alexandrov.The re-entry apparatus of the spacecraft “Soyuz-33” is one of the most valuable exhibits in “Cosmos”.

In the outdoor exposition of the museum are displayed “veterans” from the Second World War –contour fighter II-2, the legendary fighter Yak-9, the bomber-torpedo carrier Tu-2. A worthy place among them takes also the only preserved in the world hydroplane Arado-196 A-3 “Shark”. Helicopter aviation presents with all the types of helicopters, which had been flown in our country: Mi-4, Mi-1, Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-24 and Ka-26. The history of Bulgarian passenger aviation is presented by aircraft II-14 and An-24;that of the agricultural aviation –by Zlin Z-37 A, as well as by the multifunctional An-2, and the aircraft Yak-50, Yak-52 and Zlin- 326 “Acrobat” which are part of our sports aviation past.

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IntercosmosArado 196 A 3 Shark