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Knyaz Aleksander I Sq.
1000 Sofia
The shop is situated in the former royal palace in the heart of Sofia.
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With lots of devotion and love we collect the best of Bulgarian handicrafts! You will find here Bulgarian traditional souvenirs and cosmetics, silver filigree, music, paintings, icons, sweets and beverages. Welcome to Balkansko – Tradition & Spirit!

Someone had said once that the memories are the only thing we take with us. And touching with another country and culture makes you wish to take a piece of it. Not just as an experience, but also as an object that always reminds you of it. In the world, Bulgaria is known for its yoghurt, folk music and rhythmic gymnastics. This is far no everything, of course. There are so many other things to connect with Bulgaria, but they only become visible when you dive deeper to sense and understand that spirit that is enclosed in folk songs, in the taste of food, in the power of sport. Bulgaria is all that is not only visible to the eyes, it is felt with the heart and the soul. And pieces of this Bulgarian spirit is on the embroideries in the souvenirs, which are offered with the brand Balkansko - an authentic cosmos of Bulgarian and native, embracing ethnographic diversity, centuries-old traditions, clean and healthy food and music from which your soul is in delight. Everything on the Balkans is strong, good and everlasting. If you want to send greetings from Bulgaria, there is hardly a better means from the postcards with the unique Bulgarian embroidery. And you can write them with the beautiful wooden pens painted with folk ornaments. From the magnets is smiling cheerful Bulgarians from old time with long whiskers. And many painted houses from the Renaissance. Your children will enjoy of the miniature dolls in colorful folk costumes that seem to sing a live folk song.

The glance glides along the smooth surface of the kaval, made of light wood, and on the old leather bags with embroidery. On the traditional household table called "sofra" are situated a few sympathetic Bulgarian kitchen utensils from old times. And dark bottles with the Bulgarian red wine - the Mavrud, soaked with mystic light. In Balkansko shops has everything - a tea from the mountain and tea from roses, and fine ceramic tea cups decorated with embroidery. The famous Bulgarian rose shines on the packages with fine and aromatic cosmetics, on chocolate desserts and temptations, on the candles. Beautiful goblets for wine, little boxes with traditional Bulgarian colorful salt and spices, knit socks from wool, maps, travel guides and books about Bulgarian culture, traditions and food - whatever you choose to take with you as a memory from Bulgaria, it will be a small but warm piece of our land, small as a human palm but with a huge spirit. And those particles will tell you more tales about the glorious Bulgarian past, about proud kings and beautiful queens, and about the times in which the Balkan spirit has always been proud and invincible. Where you can to find these particles from Bulgaria in the Balkansko Shops? On the 4 Vitosha Blvd., and in the building of the Ethnographic Museum of "Kn. Alexander I" Square.