Fragrances from the Rose Valley


The wind dance among thousands of roses, and the air is saturatDSCF4357ed with an incomparable fragrance. So seem the oil-bearing rose plantations, spread in the fields of Voyniagovo village (in Karlovo area), in 1712. Two centuries later, the Rose Valley, with thousands of decares of roses between the towns of Karlovo, Kazanlak and Strelcha, is already the "gold mine" for the production of rose water and rose oil. The fragrance products, that will glorify Bulgaria around the world. The end of May is a time for rose-picking. In the rose fields near Karlovo beautiful girls with baskets gather the roses, kissed by the sun. From all of this roses will be made rose oil and rose water and cosmetic products. The preparation of the elixir, called rose oil, is a true magic. A magic, coming from ancient Persia, reveals the secrets of the rose water and rose oil obtained by distilling oil-bearing roses. In olden times, over a lively fire, a few containers were stacked in a numbers. This containers is called “alambitzi”. They were almost with a human height. Their conical body was about 150 liters, and a thin chute led the distillation into a wooden vessel. To make 1 kg of rose oil, you need about 3500 kg of roses. The aroma of roses is incomparable! This is the scent of Bulgaria. A magic, hidden in the entire series of cosmetics of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo 1948 - from face and hair products, till body and massage products. А products with tradition and with proven quality. In the shop of 12 "Tsar Osvoboditel" Blv. in Sofia is like a magic world in which you can be lost not only among the scents but also among the tastes. You can also take a look at the history of the rose industry, because on the second floor of the store you will find a mini-museum, a perfectly arranged. There against the backdrop of black and white pictures on the walls, is sealed the spirit of the past, and is located one old distillation tank, called "alambik". Visit the store where you will be greeted with a smile and where you DSCF4329can enjoy the Bulgarian Rose Fragrance in the whole range of health and beauty products offered by "Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo 1948". 

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