Doktorska gradina (Doctor’s Garden Park)
A preferred place for relaxation by the students of Sofia University, the Doctor’s Garden is also a meeting place for people of all ages, for pet walks, petanque games. A small green paradise, located just behind the “Stdoktors. St. Kiril i Metodiy” National Library, near the Sofia University, between the artistic street “Shipka” and “Oborishte” Str. The name of the park comes from the monument, located in his center - in memory of the doctors, nurses and all medical staff, who worked in the Russian Red Cross and died in the Russian-Turkish liberating wars. The Doctor’s Garden was realized in 1884 under a project by Antoniy Tomishko, a Russian architect of Czech origin. Green tranquility and rare trees, stone artifacts and clean alleys make the park one truly beautiful place in the center of Sofia.