The Gypsy summer has not yet completely seized from color madness. Nothing that the wind is already spreading the kisses of the Autumn and spraying them over trees and meadows. He whispers on them to strip the green robes and to put on their yellow dresses. And be shine like quince color... and fire. In the late afternoon the forest surrounding the Pancharevo Lake it seems so. The honey of the last sun gilded the lake waters, the boats swing on the quay on the rowing base, eager to race or haunt the wild ducks.
The lakePancharevo Lake is nestled in a picturesque gorge between the mountains of Vitosha and Lozen - where the Bistritsa River flows into Iscar River. On the west coast is the resort village of Pancharevo, to the southwest is the village Kokalyane, and on the east coast are the centuries-old oak and pine forests that descend steeply to the lake. When the autumn hugging them, their reflections in the lake waters are just magical!
In the near past, Iskar River is often overflowing, forming some of swamps and ponds. From the village of Pancharevo to the lake, people are traveling by buses so that their residents can enjoy the mineral waters in the valley of the river. These springs were also known to the ancient Thracians who founded the village of Rilyanik (translated, “rich springs”). Later the Romans called it Bani Cesare (or royal baths), which the Slavs called “Tsarevi Bani”. During the Ottoman domination the mineral baths were renamed to Banjarevi. Today the Pancharevo mineral springs are brought to the shore, in the building of the former bath, in the fountains beside it and in the outdoor mineral pool. Over the years, the shores of the lake have been upgraded, and many of bridges have been made to keep the mineral deposits, and to have a places where can to stop the boats.

The Pancharevo Lake often is called “The Sofia Sea”. A negative expression because to the inaugurated and abandoned canal project in the 1950s. But the waters of the lake attract fishermen, water sports enthusiasts and tourists who delight in the 4-kilometer eco-path Pancharevo - the oldest route starting from the dam wall above the German village and ending to the Kokalyane water-power plant. Many of the mountain paths lead to the Urvich fortress and picturesque monasteries in the area.
The Lake is long 3000 m and 18 meters deep and today it is mainly used for drills and competitions conducted by the Sredets National Rowing Base and the Academic Sports Club. Beautiful boats, canoes, kayaks and water wheels are cross in the water of the Pancharevo Lake. Boat trips, paid fishing and balneotherapy are just some of the services the lake offers. Numerous hotels and restaurants along the coastline, which is 1300 meters long, offer delicious food and enjoyable relaxation spots with great views of the lake and surrounding forests.
How you can get there? With regular bus lines 1 and 3 of public transport from Geo Milev district, Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd., and by bus 4 from the districts Mladost and Gorublyane.