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assen airportOn May 25th was the official opening of the photography exhibition “Different Bulgaria” at Varna Airport. The passengers will enjoy the beautiful photos by Asen Velikov, which represent a new perspective to Bulgaria, when they are waiting in the area to receive their luggage. The exhibition is organized by “City Info Guides” on the occasion of the 23rd Anniversary of the Publishing and could be seen until June 25th. 

“Different Bulgaria” will present to the beauty and identity of our country to the arrivals. In the media Bulgaria is represented more often in a negative way with all the news about accidents and bad practices. In the multicultural European society which we are part of nowadays it is hard to keep your roots and past. It is a true fact that it has become even more as a modern trend to be proud of the folklore recently and our team hopes this will continue to be our “advertisement” worldwide.
The exhibition is happening with the great support and partnership of “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management” Ltd.

Here is what the author shared with us a few days before the event:

- “Different Bulgaria” is your first own exhibition. What should the visitors of the exhibition expect to see?

- The exhibition “Different Bulgaria” is a common initiative with Lyudmila Mladenova and it is organized by “City Info Guides” Publishing. At the begging of the summer season we will show the beauty of Bulgaria. I am very pleased by the fact that my photos will be seen by the tourists and guests visiting Bulgaria for vacation or on a business trip. Everybody who comes will have the opportunity to see Bulgaria in a totally different context as it is shown in the news in our everyday life.

- How did you choose the photos?

- Frankly, I’ve selected the photos very hardly. It turned out that for the last two years I have thousands images of folklore scenes, as well as portraits of Bulgarians in traditional clothing. I have never kept them for myself in a folder on my computer. I have been publishing them constantly online in order to show to everybody who are we as a nation. I think that our folklore and traditions could save our identity and we will find the answers who we want to become while we are keeping the memories of our roots and honor the past of our ancestors.

- The exhibition is dedicated to the treasures, the beauty and the identity of Bulgaria – this theme could be seen in your photos. How did you find the inspiration about it?

- Exactly, the beauty, the treasures and the identity of Bulgaria inspired me and provoked me to take a photos scenes of the Bulgarian folklore. On the other side, the participants in this events and activities let me near them and I could get know them as a people, their songs and their souls.

- What does Bulgaria means to you?

- For me the beauty of Bulgaria is in the unique nature on this small piece of land. I had the chance to travel through almost every part of the country and I have found something unique and fascinating in every place that I have visited. Of course, for me the beauty of Bulgaria is in the folklore, customs and traditions too. I hope that the Bulgarians who are no longer living in Bulgaria will see the exhibition when they come back to Bulgaria on a holiday during the summer and they will keep the memory of this beauty remaining in their hearts.