Who are we? – Rental DS Ltd.  
The main activity of the company is in the role of a publisher, which consists of the preparation and printing of the magazines City Info Guides®, established in 1993.

City Info Guides® are cultural and informational magazines. Our collection consists of tree editions about Sofia, Varna and Burgas.
In April 2021 SOFIA CITY celebrates its 28th Anniversary. VARNA and BURGAS editions followed the successful tradition of acquainting the foreign guests of Bulgaria with accurate and useful information about our country.

More about City Info Guides®:
The luxury magazines are published in English and Bulgarian, or in English and Russian. They are accompanied by city map and schedule of the public transport.
You will find information about the best places for accommodation, dining, leisure and business on their pages. They will help you to immerse yourself in the Bulgarian lifestyle and culture while you are getting to know some interesting and curios facts about the Bulgarian traditions, holidays and beliefs.
City Info Guides® are free of charge for the readers. Its distribution includes top locations in every city. Our subscribers are embassies, ministries, state and public institutions, cultural and historical centers, commercial and economic section of the embassies of the Republic of Bulgaria in Europe.

Other services:
We offer preparation of outdoor advertising and production of printed promotional materials. What you can expect, if you choose us?:
• Overall and completed production of your promotional materials.
• You will receive competent support during all stages of creating content from the concept to the realized product.
• We provide full list of activities involved in the production of printed advertising - graphic design, pre-printing preparation, printing, delivery and direct distribution.

For advertisement: +359 888 311 884; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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